Shea's personalized health consultation

A personalized health consultation will lead you through a wholistic review of your current health, diet, supplements and exercise.

Your health and lifestyle will be reviewed by completing an extensive evaluation to assess your current situation and the possible reasons that you are having your health issues.

Shea offers consultations in person at the Sacramento office and long distance over the telephone.

Shea also works with many health practitioners to prepare customized formulated organic herbal formulas for their clients.

Shea Darrow

Shea is a clinical master herbalist in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism as well as skilled in Therapeutic Vibrational Bodywork, such as Bowen, Ancient Ayurveda Marma Point Therapy, Prana Therapy, Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy.

Shea is dedicated and passionate in working with medicinal plants, minerals (crystals), and energies of the universe and the human body.  Shea combines them to create a truly personalized therapy for each individual. Shea’s Apothecary, A Co-Creative company incorporating Divine Love, Nature’s Wisdom and a Woman’s Will to create revolutionary healing products to assist in repairing, rebuilding and re-balancing the body.

Restore yourself to your vital self

Taking care of your body is essential by self-nurturing as well as listening to what the body is trying to convey.

All too often pain is one of the ways the body uses to let you know that it needs nourishment and care.

Choosing an all-inclusive approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care.

Each body has a unique metabolic differences, and what may stimulate healing in one body may be ineffective or perhaps even harmful to another.

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