Initial Personalized Consultation

Herbs, tinctures, supplements and vitamins sold separately.

Includes 2nd follow-up visit

Personalized Health Evaluation

A personalized health consultation will lead you through a wholistic and preventative perspective.  We will review of your current health, diet, supplements and exercise. Your health and lifestyle will be reviewed by completing an extensive evaluation to assess your current situation and the possible reasons that you are having your health issues.  Shea will access your subtle energy field, your higher self and kinesiology to determine what is the perfect herbal wellness plan that is balanced and realistic which will include diet recommendations, herbal preparations, and supplements to support you on your journey to Well-Being.    

A Personalized health evaluation takes approximately 1½ hours. We will meet again for a follow-up visit in a month to ensure that you and the wellness plan are following the right direction. After the second visit, we will meet on a regular basis (typically monthly) to continue tailoring your wellness plan together.

Shea offers consultations in person at the Sacramento office and long distance over the telephone. 

Shea also works with many health practitioners to prepare customized formulated organic herbal formulas for their clients. 

Ayurveda Herbal Medicine is the world’s oldest and most widely-used health system. Humans and animals have evolved alongside plants and have healed many ailments through the use of plants as food and medicine.  The name Ayurveda originates from two Indian words: ayur, meaning life, and Veda meaning knowledge or science. In a broad sense it means knowledge concerning the maintenance of life. The aim of Ayurvedic medicine is preventative, treating people before a disorder has a chance to manifest it self utilizing energies or “energetics” of each herb and their therapeutic effects. Practitioners of herbal Ayurvedic medicine recommend remedies on the basis of each individual attributes or energy/quality and the energy and attributes of Nature’s vast array of plants.

“From the Earth came herbs and from the herbs came the seed that gave life to humans.” -Taittiriya Upanishad (11.1) 

Contact Shea and she will work with you to develop an integrated and therapeutic plan that will best address you and your journey to Well-Being. 



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